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We are moving

Or should I say ... I am moving.

No Nonsense Trading is coming to an end.  It will complete business in December.  As I stated some weeks ago in a YouTube video, this entire endevour of "No Nonsense Trading" has been ... well ... just me.  Me, and me alone running everything. 

It's a bit much for one guy to handle.

And so, some time ago, I was approached by several individuals to join a new company.

And I've taken them up on their offer.  So at this point, as we wrap up business for No Nonsense Trading in December?  Me ... Dan or 'Aileron' has joined Sharpe Trade.

As I have mentioned in this video, I view No Nonsense Trading and my work as "Aileron" as a complete success.  The goal of "No Nonsense Trading" is to provide information on the reality of trading the capital markets.

I am being contacted by clients of No Nonsense Trading through the service of Aileron Market Balance as they let me know that are now working for firms, working prop, and making a success for themselves.

I don't care who you are or how you keep score?  If you are running a site on education, that's the pinacle right there.

So what about "Dan"?

Well, I'll be dropping the "Aileron" moniker. 

Now ... now I'm just "Dan", as I write articles, record podcasts and contiinue to educate and provide information on the reality of the financial markets.  Sharpe Trade will be expanding what I've been able to do, and now as I have another companies resources behind me, we'll be able to really expand what I've been able to do to this point.   

We also will have a free income portfolio with Sharpe Trade, as well as a service where you can watch not one, but two traders build their portfolios.

And yes, as always, we won't have any nonsense at Sharpe Trade.   No 'fear' stories or doom bias.  No political biases or economic biases.

We are looking to have a lot of good information.

Good education.

Bust some myths

And make some money!

So welcome to Sharpe Trade.  Feel free to check out their articles.  Subscribe to their YouTube page.  Follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as we expand the message I've been trying to preach all along ....


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